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Whether you are a hardcore, casual or even a Pro gamer, you know it’s all about the weapons you bring to the battle. In a revolutionary challenge to the monolithic Keyboard / Mouse paradigm of PC gaming, Stinkyboard stomps on the rules and changes the channel. Breathing new life into any MMO, RTS or FPS player’s game, Stinky brings more control, speed, agility and quicker execution for that “in-a-pinch” moves than you never thought possible. And to think it was under our nose (and our feet!) the whole time. Ready to stomp your opponents and take your gameplay to another level with the device that you never thought you needed?

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“I can just see this being perfect for crouch and sprint commands, and will go a long way toward stopping hand-cramp (also known as gamer's claw, shooter's wrist, and camper's contusion) in long fragging sessions.”


“The Stinkyboard is one of those products that you never thought you wanted until you actually use it.”

Brandon Koch, Gizorama


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The 3 Steps To Stinkyboard


Plug It In


Assign Binds


Kick Ass

Stinkyboard Binds Explained

The Big 4 Click Setup

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