About Us

We are Gamers

Stinkyboard is revolutionizing PC gaming forever. We’re giving gamers better focus and execution, and more APM than any other gaming peripheral out there.

We use the best keyboards and the best mice, but we wanted more! We wanted more focus, better execution, we wanted more APM, and more control over the action without sacrificing gameplay! Whether you’re in the heat of battle where every millisecond counts or just playing for fun with friends we realized ten fingers just didn’t cut it anymore.

Stinkyboard is a Kickstarter winner (thanks Kickstarter and to everyone who supported us). We are on a mission to break the old PC gaming paradigm of simple, limiting keyboard and mouse play and move a more shall we say, appendage inclusive way of playing. Based in Montreal, we bootstrap and now revenue-funded technology startup with many exiting plans for future gaming-related products and innovations.