Stinkyboard and Armata Gaming Announce Partnership

Montréal, 2014, May 9th. – Stinkyboard  becomes the first GOLD Level sponsor of Armata Gaming. This new partnership will allow Armata  to compete in major e-sport events  in North America . By daring to invest in local talent, Stinky and Armata reinforce their pioneer and visionary position with a desire to bring professional and casual gaming to a new level.

About Armata Gaming 

Armata Gaming is a Canadian multiplayer online gaming organization founded in 2008. It offers a sponsorship program for teams wanting to get involved in the competitive scene. With more than 1000 members, 10 divisions and a dozen of wins on the competitive scene since 2012, Armata Gaming is well-known in North America for their professionalism and integrity.

About Stinky 

Based in Montréal, Stinky revolutionized the industry of video game devices with its star product, the Stinkyboard, which was developed after a successful Kickstarter Campaign.

The Stinkyboard gaming foot pedal is the ultimate gaming peripheral  that breaks the keyboard and mouse paradigm by adding in-game commands right under your foot.




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