Technology Tell – PAX Prime 2013: More on the Stinky Footboard

“Whether you’re a gamer, or just want to free up using repetitive keyboard combos, the Stinky Footboard is an amazing and wonderful product. It’s something I wish had been around a long time ago and will make gaming a lot more enjoyable.” – Erica Marceau

Shipping Next Week

We’ve had some minor logistics delays which have now been resolved. All the units, both International and North America, will start shipping next week! We apologize for the delay and we want to thank you once again for your support. Team Stinkyboard

Entertainment Buddha – Getting Stinky: Hands-on Impressions of a Gaming Footboard

“If you’ve been wanting to get an edge on the competition, but don’t like memorizing hundreds of different input keys, then the Stinky Footboard is definitely a peripheral you should think about investing in.” – Matt Heywood,

Toronto Thumbs – Stinky Footboard Review

“…if you want to take your gaming to the next level, then the oddly-named Stinky Footboard just might be for you!” – Jorge Figueiredo – Torontothumbs

Geek Media Network – Stinky Footboard Review

“Overall, the Stinky Footboard is a major success. The fact that it is built so well puts this device over the top.” – Cross Platform Gamers, Geek Media Network

Tweaktown Give Stinky a 92% Rating – Chad Sebring, Tweaktown

“The possibilities are truly endless as to what you can set to the Stinky Footboard and allow either of your feet to now take some of the movements away from your hands, keep your head in the game since you aren’t looking at the keyboard to hit the combo of keys, and really does add […]

IncGamers – Stinky Board Review

“However, with practice and some perseverance anyone should be able to take advantage of the Stinky and utilise it for an action they carry out in their favourite game. That’s the beauty of it, because it can be configured to any keypress (single or multiple pulse presses,) gamers can use it in different ways. Even […]