Gizorama – The Stinky Footboard Review

“The Stinky Footboard is one of those products that you never thought you wanted until you actually use it.” “It will be products like the Stinky Footboard that help us augment that reality even further to provide more realistic gameplay experiences.” – Brandon Koch, Gizorama

PC WORLD Norway – TEST: Spill med beina

“All in all we are quite impressed with the Stinky Footboard. Dispite the somewhat goofy name and novel concept, this is a way to control games we can get used to. Whether this is for everyone is another matter, and it definitely works best in games that require use of many buttons at once.” Truls […]

TheGhostvolta – Going Down Under

10/10 – “The Stinky Footboard drastically improved my gaming performance, reaction time, and in addition, it also allowed me to focus more on the game then having to focus on pressing a certain key.” – Jared Bruttig @TheGhostVolta

The Game Scouts – Stinky Board Review

“The Stinky Footboard is a revolutionary product. Don’t be fooled by its silly name and odd premise, this could very well define the future of hardcore PC gaming.”  –Tin Salamunic