STINKY Footboard Steps into the Gaming Arena

I must say, besides the rather strange name, I’m rather impressed. It seems like it’d be insanely useful in the complex MMOs out there these days that require a million keyboard shortcuts. Read more at

Stelulu Launches – Kickstarter Project

Stelulu is Please to announce that they’ve launched their Kickstart Project for “Stinky®” the Gaming Footboard. Stelulu hopes to raise 75,000 dollars during it’s 30 day campaign. Please visit them at:

N4G / Duhnam Gaming – The pedal is an amazing creation and innovation by Stelulu

“The pedal is an amazing creation and innovation by Stelulu and is something any serious PC gamer should look at. The learning curve is something any can overcome and easily adapt to.” “We here at Dunham Gaming give the Stinky Footboard a 9.5/10”

VAGARY.TV – PAX 2013: Stinkyfoot Board controller shown at PAX

“… it quickly becomes an extension of yourself. If properly configured it can take you to a new level of emersion in your game play. ” “With the ability to determine how you will map functions, the sky really is the limit on how you will play.” – Ryan Kenward, VAGARY.TV

IGN – Product Review

Stinky Footboard PC Controller Hands-on “The build also feels fantastic. While many PC accessories feel cheap and are built out of plastic, the Footboard feels solid and is constructed from metal and dense plastic.” – Scott Lowe