WOOT! Stinkyboard named “Best New Device or Peripheral” by the ablegamers foundation

The Abelgamer's Foundation

We are pleased and honoured to have been named “Best New Device or Peripheral” by the ablegamers foundation’s annual accessibility awards. Focused on promoting the gaming lifestyle for the disability community, the ablegamers foundation is the leading source of news and reviews on games and gaming products for the disability community. While the Stinkyboard can up […]

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USA Today – Gaming accessories extend your playtime


PLAYING FOOTSIES “While most game controllers are designed for your hands, Stinkyboard ($119.99;stinkyboard.com) is for your feet. Designed for first-person shooters, real-time strategy games and massively-multiplayer online (MMO) role-playing games, this Kickstarter-funded peripheral sits under your desk and lets you make quick in-game movements without having to take your hands off the keyboard and mouse. […]

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Review: ‘Stinky Footboard’ is the peripheral you never thought you needed”


“Originally a skeptic myself, the Stinky Footboard has proven to be not only easy to use, but far more useful than I could have imagined. It has become as integral to my daily computing as my mouse and keyboard are.” – 5 Stars on 5 - Rick Kim LA Video Game Examiner http://www.examiner.com/review/review-stinky-footboard-is-the-peripheral-you-never-thought-you-needed

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Dorkadia – Stinky Footboard: Hands on at PAX Prime


” What’s the bottom line with the Stinky Footboard? I can’t wait to own one. The little time that I spent with it showed me that my brain was ready and willing to use my feet to control video games. The Stinky Footboard feels like a shamefully obvious addition to our gaming, and I can’t believe […]

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Technology Tell – PAX Prime 2013: More on the Stinky Footboard


“Whether you’re a gamer, or just want to free up using repetitive keyboard combos, the Stinky Footboard is an amazing and wonderful product. It’s something I wish had been around a long time ago and will make gaming a lot more enjoyable.” – Erica Marceau http://www.technologytell.com/gaming/117656/pax-prime-2013-more-on-the-stinky-footboard/

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Shipping Next Week

We’ve had some minor logistics delays which have now been resolved. All the units, both International and North America, will start shipping next week! We apologize for the delay and we want to thank you once again for your support. Team Stinkyboard

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Toronto Thumbs – Stinky Footboard Review

“…if you want to take your gaming to the next level, then the oddly-named Stinky Footboard just might be for you!” - Jorge Figueiredo – Torontothumbs http://www.torontothumbs.com/2013/07/13/reviews-stinky-footboard/#more-11259

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