Software Configurator 1.4

This latest version of the Stinkyboard configuration software now supports the following languages; English, French, Spanish, German, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese
Please make sure you Upgrade to Firmware 1.2 for full software functionality.

Download Config 1.4    (October 21, 2015) 

Stinky Footboard Firmware 1.2

This latest firmware adds WASD diagonal movement along with support for support for Windows Key modifier. This firmware can be installed using Software Configurator Version 1.2

Download Firmware 1.2  (Sept 23, 2013) 

Stinky Quick Guide

Please download the latest Quick Guide for the Software Configurator Version 1.0

Download Stinky Guide

Try out our Beta Software Configurator 1.5

This latest update now supports up to 3 simultaneous modifier key combos. Such as SHIFT+CTRL+ALT or SHIFT+ALT+F5.

PLEASE NOTE: Users must uninstall their old version including the profiles directory. Profiles created prior to this beta version are not compatible and won’t function.

Download Beta Config 1.5  (October 21, 2015) 

Stinkyboard SUPPORT

Need Support? Please click here to submit a ticket.