Why use the Stinkyboard?

Simple…your adding more buttons while improving your game play and your execution. It can even increase your APM.

Is it a cheat?

Even though using the Stinkyboard is an advantage it’s not considered a cheat. It’s actually just another input device that requires physical skill, just like a keyboard or mouse.

Does the Stinkyboard work with MAC?

At the moment our configuration software only works on the Windows Platform. Although the Stinkyboard is USB-HID, we hope to have full MAC compatibility and software in the near future.

What games are compatible with the Stinkyboard?

All games that support keyboard inputs.

Does the Stinkyboard support Macros?

At the moment we only support single key inputs (just to keep it from being conceived as a cheat). Note that in game macros will work with the Stinkyboard. If enough gamers request it, we’ll add it.

Does it work on consoles such as XBOX or PS3?

Not this time. We’re planning to make a compatible model in the near future.

Why is it called “Stinkyboard”?

We thought it was counter-intutive, funny and extremely memorable. What else do you call a device that you play with your feet?

How strong is the Stinkyboard? We put it to the test:



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