Getting Started

So many possibilities.

16 buttons under your foot! With games that support modifiers such as Shift, Ctrl and Alt you’ll be able to bind 4 actions per modifier, that’s a total of 16 binds under your foot! Aluminum Plate Frame gives the Stinky Foot Board and sturdy and rugged feel while providing a stiff framework for performance gaming.

Start slow.

Start off slowly, binding only one action to the Stinky Footboard. Once you become comfortable with a single button, add another. Before you know it you’ll be using all four buttons and thinking of new ways to stomp your competition in your favourite games. Attempts to bind too much, too quickly will only lead to frustration, take your time.

“It kind of progressively grew, I added more and more bindings as I became comfortable with footboard.”
Get the hang of it.

Gamers described a weaning process, whereby they would take some of the important actions and macros that they had programmed into their keyboard, and transfer them to the Stinky footboard,

“I would just start, keeping it pretty simple, thinking of ways of getting the really important actions on to the up or down buttons, because they’re the easiest to use.”


Using the Stinky footboard will soon become second nature and you will wonder how you played without it.



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